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Our Mission

Foster creative development through student education and training in the fine arts while promoting and nurturing the appreciation of dance and musical theatre by providing the essential skills for lifetime success!




Summer Workshops

(audition & casting in workshop)

Upcoming Auditions

(audition & casting before rehearsals)

THESE SHINING LIVES chronicles the strength and determination of women considered expendable in their day, exploring their true story and its continued resonance. Catherine and her friends are dying, it’s true; but theirs is a story of survival in its most transcendent sense, as they refuse to allow the company that stole their health to kill their spirits—or endanger the lives of those who come after them.

Directed by Mx. Devin

A loving musical send-up of the early 1960s, small-town America, teenagers, and rock & roll, Bye Bye Birdie remains as fresh and vibrant as ever. Teen heartthrob Conrad Birdie has been drafted, so he chooses all-American girl Kim McAfee for a very public farewell kiss. Featuring a tuneful high-energy score, plenty of great parts for kids, and a hilarious script, Bye Bye Birdie remains one of the most popular shows in schools across the country. Hit songs include “Put on a Happy Face,” “One Last Kiss,” “One Boy,” “A Lot of Livin’ to Do,” “Kids!” and “Rosie.”

Directed by Mr. Quincy



Auditions August 13th 5 pm

Call backs August 14th 1 pm

First Rehearsal August 16th

Performances November 19th - 21st

Auditions August 21st 2-7 pm
Call backs August 22nd 1-4 pm

First Rehearsal August 27th

Performances November 12th - 14th

Download: Audition Materials

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