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Our Mission

Foster creative development through student education and training in the fine arts while promoting and nurturing the appreciation of dance and musical theatre by providing the essential skills for lifetime success!

Broadway Babies

Ages 3-4, 4-5 & 5-6
Broadway Babies is an introduction to musical theatre for ages 3-6 years old. In the class, students will begin to learn the basics of musical theatre such as: Getting familiar with the stage, learning how to portray emotions with the face and body, beginning vocal technique and rhythmic exercises that lead to beginning dance technique. Students will also begin to work on learning songs from Broadway musicals and adding choreography to the music.

What to expect on the first day – from one parent to another!
We are very excited to welcome your little one to our Broadway Babies program. They come into the classroom very slowly, but make the most measurable progress by the end of the year!! We know that as a parent you have a vision for how you think the first day will go.

Usually a brand new student will cling to mom as they walk in the studio door, as they are unaware of their environment. Everything to them is new. Please arrive early on the first day in order to get them acclimated to their new teacher and environment.

Separation anxiety is one of the most common issues on the first day, you may overcome this by explaining to your child before they arrive that mommy will watch them through the window during the class and that mommy won’t leave.

Our Broadway Babies class is designed as a teacher/child class. Our policy is that all parents need to be in the lobby when class is in session. We also need to keep the door to the studio closed during class, in order to avoid any wandering dancers. We will work with you and your child to achieve success in bringing happy students into the classroom without a parent. This is a gradual process for some students.

Have you ever noticed that when one 2-3 year old begins to cry, the others follow suit? We have observed this as well and it is why we need to have any crying child wait with mom outside at the window until they feel confident to come back in. We know this sounds harsh, but we will make every attempt at calming your child and getting them to join the class that we possibly can, before we ask the mom to exit the room. Sometimes the child is actually upset just being in the room, so you may calm them down more effectively outside. In the past we let the parent of an unsure child remain in the room with the child; however, we found that this practice can distract other dancers, and the inability for Mom to leave the room in subsequent weeks, as the child has learned, “my mommy stays with me”.

Most of the time our students come into the room right away and never look back. Sometimes our little babies aren’t ready for a teacher/child class. As parents, we won’t know until we try. Please remember that it sometimes takes a few weeks in order for the child to warm up to the idea, even if they LOVE to sing, act or dance.

Lastly, our goal on the first day is to get every child into the class without mom and without crying. If we have done that then we have succeeded. Please don’t be alarmed if your child just stands in place and stares at the teacher and other students. They are simply observing their environment. They will move when they are ready!!! We hope you all have a positive experience at our studio. Please don’t hesitate to call us if you have questions or concerns.



Hair is to be pulled back, away from face and secured in a bun. Black cotton leggings and jazz shoes MUST be purchased through the above link and a BAAC t shirt can be purchased in our theater.  No other options are allowed.


Hair is to be away from the face.  Black bootleg pants and jazz shoes MUST be purchased through the above link and a BAAC t-shirt can be purchased in our theater.  Brief style underwear should be worn underneath pants.  No other options are allowed.

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