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Our Mission

Foster creative development through student education and training in the fine arts while promoting and nurturing the appreciation of dance and musical theatre by providing the essential skills for lifetime success!

400 Hobbs Rd # 203     League City, TX  77573


Ballet is the foundation of many forms of dance.  Ballet technique is fundamental and the French terminology is considered to be the universal language in the classical genres of dance.

Level I- Ages 10-13
Level II- Ages 12-14
Level III - Ages 14 - 16
Level IV - Ages 16+

We offer classes for younger ages that combine Ballet with other styles of dance.

Twinkle Stars- Ages 2-6
Mini: Ballet-Jazz-Tap Ages 6-8
Jr. Ballet-Jazz-Tap Ages 8-10

Dress Code


Hair is to be pulled back, away from face and secured in a bun. Ballet pink tights are required.  Ballet shoes must have sewn elastic.  Ballet skirts may be worn during center floor exercises. Leotard colors are designed by level and are for the current season.

Level I- Teal
Level II- Plum
Level III- Royal
Level IV- Red


Hair is to be away from the face.  Fitted (not baggy) white t-shirt, ending at the waist.  Black, footed men's tights with sewn elastic suspenders.  Men's dance belt (or trunks) required to be worn underneath tights.  Black ballet shoes are required.

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