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Our Mission

Foster creative development through student education and training in the fine arts while promoting and nurturing the appreciation of dance and musical theatre by providing the essential skills for lifetime success!


400 Hobbs Rd # 203     League City, TX  77573


This program introduces students to some of the fundamental skills and tools required for developing the acting process. They build self-awareness, develop their imagination and concentration, recognize their emotional truth, learn the actor’s vocabulary, and demonstrate the ability to be honest and committed in their acting.  In addition, students learn how to behave as a professional actor as they demonstrate the focus and respect necessary in an acting class, on stage, or on set.

Intro to Acting - Ages 6-10
First Company - Ages 10-13
Second Company - Ages 13-15
Third Company - Ages 14 -16Fourth Company - Ages 16 +

We offer classes for younger ages as well in our Broadway Babies Program.

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League City

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Dress Code


Hair is to be pulled back, away from face and secured in a ponytail.  Any color leotard or BAAC t-shirt may be worn as well as black Jazz pants, black joggers, or black leggings.  Black Jazz shoes are required.


Hair is to be away from the face.  Any color BAAC t-shirt may be worn as well as black Jazz pants, black joggers, or black leggings with compression shorts.  Black Jazz shoes are required.


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